This was the sixth episode of Super Power Beat Down, featuring iconic video game characters. These characters include Connor Kenway from Assassin's Creed 3, Cortana from Halo 4, Max Payne from Max Payne 3, Lee Everett from The Walking Dead, and Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3.


Connor Kenway, Lee Everett, Vaas Montenegro, and Max Payne have all been brought together by Cortana to prove their worth in killing. Only one of them will survive. Who will live, and who will die?


  • This sixth episode was first aired on January 20, 2013.
  • This was the first episode to feature more than two characters in a fight.
  • With more than two characters in this beat down, the votes were more wide spread. Vaas received 5%, Lee Everett 11%, Cortana 19%, Max Payne 20%, and Connor Kenway got the majority votes with 45%.