Welcome to the Super Power Beat Down WikiaEdit

This wikia is meant to pay tribute to the batinthesun web series known as Super Power Beat Down. This show takes legendary characters and pits them in legendary battles, with the outcomes being decided by votes from us, the fans. Here, you are invited to make edits on the profiles of characters featured in these episodes and share your views on who should have won each Super Power Beat Down!

What It's All AboutEdit

Super Power Beat Down is a youtube series which can be found on the channel batinthesun. The series was co-created by the father-son team of Aaron and Sean Shoenke and hosted by Marisha Ray. Before each fight begins, viewers are introduced to the characters who will be featured in each episode. Then professional debaters are brought in to describe each character's strengths and skills to explain who will win these beat downs.

Latest activityEdit

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